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Preactor 200; Preactor 300; Preactor APS; Preactor Viewer

Preactor 200

Preactor 200 will automatically schedule an individual operation, an entire multi-operation order, or a whole batch of orders, automatically, according to a chosen priority rule as due date, first come first served, value or customer rating.

It allows you to ‘drag & drop’ operations as you would on a wall mounted planning board. You can re-schedule as often as you wish, and save as many alternative schedules as you need.

Shop floor documents such as work-to lists & route cards are automatically created; also available are custom reports for management use such as delivery performance, jobs per customer, or machine utilisation.

Preactor 300

Preactor 300 gives you full finite capacity scheduling, applying all constraints relevant to a process.

These might include machinery; operator; setter; tooling; power; and a whole range of time-based constraints.

The latter will apply if a process must start immediately after its predecessor, or must not be interrupted. Or, if its duration cannot be known until the schedule is created, eg standing time in a tank, which will depend upon how long before a filling line is free, or time in an assembly bay, which may be subject to delays in a downstream processes.

Preactor 300 also enables a multi-level order to be scheduled according to assembly dependencies.

Preactor APS

This is a true APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) system, providing not only full finite capacity scheduling but also:

Custom rules such as campaign or changeover sequencing so that products are scheduled by size, colour, flavour or other attribute.

Dynamic scheduling to apply critical ratio, minmise WIP, and reduce bottlenecks.

Bill of Material rules to constrain according to availability, apply alternative or substitute components, report shortages, & even dynamically re-allocate (usually perishable) materials between orders to ensure they are used in time.

Preactor Viewer

The Preactor Viewer allows the user to access the master schedule across the network, with the ability to run “what if” scenarios, but without the option to over-write the master file.

Product Features

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