Product Feature Table

Feature Express P200 P300 P400 P500

Automatic resource selection within work centres

Finite and infinite resources, calendar
states, efficiencies and templates

Forward/Backward and bi-directional
sequencing by order-attribute

Graphical and textual reports

Manage sequencer datasets

Manual and interactive breakdowns, planned
maintenance etc.

Microsoft SQL Server database

Operation & Product Attributes

Operation locking/unlocking by order or
operation attribute, resource and time

Operation progress

Order enquiries from within Preactor

Overview Gantt window with optional
utilization display

Parallel operations in process route

Preactor Sequencer

Process run time by part, rate per hour
and time per batch

Schedule Comparison Tables

Schedule Statistics

Single resource constraint for an operation

Unlimited Data for Number of Operations,
resources, products etc

User definable bar colors

Additional constraints usage by operation
and plots

API for custom event processing

Custom Windows (OCX)

At Risk’ Order highlighting and report

Automatic Schedule Repair

Delivery Buffer

Dynamic three bar color change

Import/Export Wizard

Lot sizing, transfer batching, auto repeat
orders and call-off

Operation Hold

Order Status bar patterns

Plots Window for Secondary Resources

Resource dependant additional constraint usage
by resource within a work centre

Resource dependant process times by
resource within a work centre

Secondary resource management

Sequence in infinite capacity mode

Sequence dependant changeover time matrices

Sequencing dependant on several attribute
settings, with weighting rule

User configurable real-time messaging

User configurable SQL 2005 database,
menus, and custom routines

Web Publisher

Additional Schedule Comparison
Tables & Reports

Cost calculation by order and entire schedule

Hot Spots Grid Window

Maximum operation span & delay interval to next

Mid-batch update and calculations

Multiple constraints for each operation

Operation progress bar colour change
based on mid-batch update calculation

Preferred resource selection and time-out

Sequential and parallel lots at each stage of
process route

Subsequent operation constraints based on
current operation

Ability to schedule with or without
material constraints

CTP (Capable to Promise)
For single level BoM orders

Automatic allocation of materials during
download from MRP

Automatic linking of dependent orders
(e.g. for assembly)

Material allocation rules linking consuming and
producing orders

Material Explorer

Rule building functions using .NET languages

Rule building using Event Script Processor
(including muti-pass rules)

Schedule despite shortages

Sequencing rules that are order,
product or resource specific

Sequential and parallel loading of operations
from different orders

Shortages report and plot

Standard algorithmic rules, Minimize WIP,
Dynamic Bottleneck, Selective Bottleneck
(TOC), and Campaigning. Minimize Overall
Setup time

Standard dispatching rules e.g. preferred
sequence, critical ratio

CTP (Capable to Promise) with Preactor BoM
exploder for multi-level BoM

Advanced Material control features for
material allocation rules for linking consuming and producing
manufacturing orders.

Advanced Material Control features for
material allocation rules linking supply
(purchase,stock) and demand (sales) orders

Advanced Materials Control (AMC)

Can peg materials consumption and production at
any operation step.

Deals with co-products and bi-products

PBX memory resident BoM Exploder for
real-time Visible Order Promising (Run
from Preactor)

Remote Multi-plant Promising

Remote Multi-plant Scheduling

Remote order promising