The Solution

Preactor can be configured to suit the needs of every type of manufacturing organisation; RMS has now implemented Preactor scheduling solutions in most major industries including engineering, chemicals, food, electronics & textiles.

All these various industries share fundamental planning needs:

To schedule orders through the factory to meet customers deliveries

To plan production as efficiently as possible by reducing expensive set-ups, changeovers, & work-in-progress queues

To communicate plans effectively & promptly to the work force, ensuring correct implementation

There can, however, be significant differences between industries – even between companies within the same industry:

Many engineering companies rely heavily on Preactor’s ability to schedule components & sub-assemblies in such a way as to ensure their availability at the right time & in the right quantities for final assembly

Process-based industries such as chemical & coatings production are often vitally concerned with ensuring that similar products (same colour etc) are manufactured consecutively

Food production involves very precise control not only of process duration, but also delays & standing times to avoid product deterioration.

The experience so far at RMS is that we have yet to come across a company or industry for which we are unable to provide a precise custom built Preactor solution.